Custom Mural Designs

Anytime Banners offers a customized Vinyl Wall Murals that can be used anywhere on just about any surface. Select the size you want for your wall and choose from our numerous stock images or upload your own picture for a completely custom look. We offer design specialization in the following areas: Master Suites, Ultimate Garages, Children’s Rooms, Man Caves/Dens/Basements, Office Scapes and Conference Rooms. If you have a room not mentioned and need a special design we can have an artist create a specific image to meet your room needs

Walls murals start anywhere from a 3’ X 6’ to 10’ X 30’ and can be applied very easily. Anytime Banners offers the latest Wall Mural Technology with the newest vinyl paper called Photo-Tex used making application a synch and the image look crisp!

This material has a self adhesive which peels like sticker but sticks to the wall better then wallpaper. The vinyl material is not messy like the standard wall paper and does not destroy your wall if when you remove it correctly.

What is Photo-Tex?
Photo-Tex is a unique patented re-movable adhesive-substrate fabric material that can be placed on any (non-porous) flat surface indoors or outdoors. You can leave it up for a year or take it down tomorrow.  

Why is Photo-Tex Different from other adhesives?
Photo-Tex adhesive will not remove the paint off a primed wall, nor damage wallpaper when it’s placed over. When removing there is 99% certainty of no residue left behind. Photo-Tex is also re-positional and re-usable and can withstand all weather conditions.

What other features does Photo-Tex have?
The strength of the material makes it virtually impossible to rip or wrinkle. It has an opaque coating so that it can be illuminated with a backlight. It is so versatile that it can be wrapped around corners or poles. I is water proof and can be laminated.

Who is using Photo-Tex?
It has been used in many retail businesses: McDonald’s, Hampton Inn, Roots Department, Pitney Bowes, Macy’s, NASCAR, NFL to name a few.

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